DOMETIC CFX3 35 (36 Liter)
DOMETIC CFX3 35 (36 Liter)
DOMETIC CFX3 35 (36 Liter)
DOMETIC CFX3 35 (36 Liter)
DOMETIC CFX3 35 (36 Liter)
DOMETIC CFX3 35 (36 Liter)

DOMETIC CFX3 35 (36 Liter)

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The Dometic CFX3 takes your outdoor adventures to a whole new level. Enjoy fresh food and well-chilled drinks at any time! Dometic's market-leading VMSO3 cooling technology makes it possible. At its heart is a speed-controlled compressor with optimized software for powerful cooling and deep-freezing and superior energy efficiency. The CFX3 is equipped with a lightweight but robust protective frame. This makes them ideal for outdoor use. Sturdy, spring-loaded aluminum handles make lifting and transport easier. The cooling temperature of your CFX3 can be set on the TFT display. Alternatively, you can download the Dometic app and browse through the menu as you please.

Properties and functions:

  • Powerful, speed-controlled VMSO3 compressor for cooling and freezing down to -22 °C with optimal power consumption
  • Robust but lightweight construction with edge protection frame and fully insulated lid with aluminum hinges
  • Integrated TFT control panel shows the operating status
  • Including removable wire baskets with dividers for optimal interior division (all except CFX3 35)
  • Two cooling compartments with separately adjustable temperature for simultaneous cooling and freezing (DZ only)
  • Integrated ice cube maker for making ice cubes within a few hours (55IM only)
  • CFX smartphone app for temperature control via Bluetooth or WLAN and for recording performance data


  • Consumption at 12 V: 0.98 Ah/h
  • Average power consumption: 50 W
  • Airborne noise emission: 44 dB
  • Energy consumption: 81 kWh / year
  • Temperature range: -22°C to +10°C
  • Consumption at +20°C / +32°C outside temperature and +4°C inside temperature: 0.47 / 0.98 Ah/h
voltage 12V, 24V, 100 - 240V
Product color dark grey, light grey
colour grade
broad 39,8 cm
height 40,7 cm
depth 69,4 cm
Volume 36 liters
Net weight without packaging 16,9 kg

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